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On this page we publish your favourite Layouts, Trains and anything you would like to share with your club members.

Vic Tilling produced a new series of interesting videos for the Noarlunga Model Railroaders. Many thanks to Vic - it is greatly appreciated.

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Noarlunga Model Roaders 30 March 2017
Featuring BN GP9, AT&SF Mikado and South Australian Railways brass 520 class

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Published on Apr 2, 2017
Cab ride around the main layout with a Polaroid 1080p video camera

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Published on Apr 7, 2017
Noarlunga Model Railroaders Lakeside layout with steam and Turbine Diesel Electric and Diesel.

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Published on Apr 7, 2017
Featuring a long Australian National freight and The Ghan. Filmed on Noarlunga Model Railroaders main layout.

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Published on Apr 7, 2017
Noarlunga Model Railroaders Lakeside layout with steam and diesel

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Published on Mar 28, 2017
Featured in this week video is a Redhen railcar, New South Wales Passenger and a Norfolk & Western 2-8-8-2. All running on the Noarlunga Model Railroaders main layout.
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Published on Mar 9, 2017
Running on the NMRR main layout. LNER, SAR and UP all steam. Part 1.
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Published on Mar 10, 2017
Shunting on the main layout Noarlunga Model Railroaders with a VR T class. Part Two.

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Published on Mar 2, 2017
LNER features this week on the main layout at the NMRR clubrooms. With GWR and SAR running as well.

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Noarlunga Model Railroaders 22 September 2016
By Vic Tilling.
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NMRR club layout. 20th October 2016.
By Vic Tilling.
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NMRR club. 27th October 2016. Norfolk & Western #1218 Class A 2--6-6-4 pulling a freight and The Port Pirie Express Adelaide to Port Pirie South Australia also a SAR (South Australian Railways) freight. By Vic Tilling.

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Vic Tilling’s Home page shows his train and model train videos, shot mainly in South Australia and in the VideoWombat studio. I'm a one man show and have a small studio in an old garage which I share with an H0 and 0n30 model railroad (Squaw Valley RR). I DIY a lot of my sundry equipment, like boom poles from a paint pole and all of my studio lights. To view all his videos go to:

Aaron's Project

Rx Chassis Test - through points and across module joints.
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Aaron who created several small videos to highlight the layout and trains. We created one enjoyable video for everyone to watch. Footage was taken at the Noarlunga Railroaders Club.
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Basically Completed Chassis Driver Side 1
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